I guess

I’ll see you on the other side! Let’s go letsencrypt!

I’ve been hearing a lot about mental health crisis

But let me tell you, you have no idea what a mental health crisis is truly like. I can tell you what mine was like…kind of. The time I was in a hospital and just started losing it…likely because of a Multiple sclerosis Tysabri-induced attack. It destroyed me in many ways. It has literally ruined my life! : (

Do you

like the new cover image? Not like I can go back to SC to get a new pic of the carrier!

Good biogen

i hope you lose all your patents on tysabri. The wonder drug until you start withdrawing from it and it downright destroyes your life. Man i wish i hadnt listened to my nuerologist and never started taking natilizumab. Its taken way more from me than what it allowed me to keep.

Nothing new

Happening on the MS front,

No news is certainly welcome news. Anything new I’d certainly my loyal audience know And the wife would likely report it on bookface.

I knew it

Don’t rush to replace the server when the upgrade goes apparently wrong. After upgrading to 22.04, it amazingly has returned. I suppose something in the DNS had to change. Or something. At least it’s back to working and now I can look into replacing the DESKTOP with SERVER versions. Don’t worry, I’ll make a proper backup before I embark on that adventure in WHAT, at least 2 more years if not longer

I did it

you’ll notice the menu at the top of the posts page is gone! Now if I could only get email working!

I think it was all the bike riding

that kept me in good shape for that mother-of-all-MS-attacks. It was so unexpected. So devastating. But thankfully one of my main loves was riding my bicycle. Like I’ve said previously, I book a 2,000+ mile year the year before I went down. I was feeling pretty decent.

But alas, riding form can’t hang out forever. I’ve began putting on weight so as soon as the wind dies down I’ve got to start pushing peddels a little further than stearnts. I’ve got to get 90, and go further.

Wish me luck!