thanks to my pops

with A LOT of hard work (i’ll be sore tomorrow) we were able to get two new fence posts set…and the fence is well on its way to being repaired!

Turning my attention

to the fence. As it needs my attention. The server, which was the focus of my attention will have to sit on the backburner for a while. But my faith still lies in wordpress.

and now that my brakes are done

to which much gratitude is owed to my father! I can get back to perciverating about MjNet being down. It was nice having a day not focusing on it. But alas ill have to get back to it.

Another day

and another guh! resetting up MjNet is being more difficult than I thought. Database woes are ensuing.


that im back from vacation it is time to ressurect mjnet

And all the while

ive got to know MjNet is down. And i cant do anything about it except perciverate how I didnt have a good backup solution in place. 🙁

i hereby make the following proclimation

and it will not make people happy, just like the crowds of self-serving me-first people do when you’re at the park as they take away from the magical experience. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO TO DISNEY IF YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST DISDAIN FOR OUR SOCIETY.