Not only in my brain

Yeah the fun of autoimmune problems. I’ve got a bright red patchy spot on my skin that itches  like…well, I have no good analogy, but it is really, really itchy. I scratch, which feels better temporarily, but it only inures the area I am scratching and it’ll be itchy again as soon as I stop. I have been putting moisturizing lotion on it, which isn’t really helping. I ran f of the hydro-cortisone valerate (HV). That stuff really helps, takes away the itchy and burning feeling, but it requires a doctors authorization get refilled, and I don’t want to have a dermatologist visit to get some HV. It drives me insane.
Aren’t we at the point where medications applied to your skin should be available OTC? Why does society deem that I need to visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for my skin? I know what I need. I know what is the cure to this problem. Just let me have it without any further hoops through which to jump. I don’t want the indignity of having someone probe my skin, but I want the relief from my immune system.  This happens every year around this time too.