One Positive About Having MS

No, I’m not talking about that realization that what is important to you is what really matters. So what is one positive thing about having MS? You can make $50 (US$, I assume) if you submit some of your blood to the DxTerity study and answer some questions. It is just a finger prick, not drawing blood from a vein with a needle. You do the small blood draw at home and return it to the study in a prepaid mailer. And the blood sample goes to a study that looks at your genomics. Other than that you’ll have to read the story.
Go here to enroll:
What is the empower study?
Evaluating Multiple Sclerosis Patients ShOWing A GEnomic Signature of Therapy Response
Now why am I sharing this with my fellow MSers? I do not receive any compensation from posting this information. Yes, there is financial benefit to you from participating in the study, but I do get anything for referring you there, excepting any research findings that benefit MSers. The links above are clean. They do not have referrer information. Go for it, get a little extra cash for yourself, and – what I believe to be the most important part – further research into MS.  For more information visit the study’s FAQ page.
And now I get to give credit to where I found this study. I was checking out other MS bloggers and when I visited Cathy Chester’s An Empowered Spirt and found this information. A big thanks to Cathy. I actually found it on many MS blogs after visiting her site, but Cathy’s was the first blog on which I found the study information.  Now on to lurking other MS bloggers. People with MS like to blog, apparently?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the study with others. Anything to help further research for the good of the MS community is important. Thanks for sharing and referring back to my link!
    Best to you always~

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