I’ve got a brain. It doesn’t seem that I have any enhancing lesions either. But I’ll go over it with my neurologist on Monday.


i met with my nuerologist. And hes pleased with my mri. Wants me to considerswitching to a newer DMT. Yet after my last experience ill think ill stay on the cellcept. Steady and safe from now on.


I was a pincushion today. Had my yearly mri AND I got labs (read bloodwork). Two needle sticks in one visit. My wife says I was still enough for the imaging I had done, but it always leaves me wondering if I was indeed still enough and my wife was just being nice to me. Anyway, I’ve got to visit the neurologist on Monday. Wish me the best of luck, please!


My latest try from the dispensary was a bit of a letdown. Tinctures. I didn’t get very high from it. It was fun putting it in my mouth and feeling it absorb into my gums. But, as I stated previously, It did not get me high. A nice option if you can’t use edibles for whatever reason, but not nearly as good as inhaling or vaping weed.