Well then

It seems like the error is mostly resolved on this site. Had to do with my jetpack settings.


it looks like the cache is working for MJnet, but not TK. Oh well at least theyre working. Hopefully this will be the last sever update on TK. See thats a problem ive been having since thgreat tysabri attack. Nothing like bumping up your edss score severly because my nuerologist played down the tysabri withdrawl. I never expected it to do this to mee.

I’ve been hearing a lot about mental health crisis

But let me tell you, you have no idea what a mental health crisis is truly like. I can tell you what mine was like…kind of. The time I was in a hospital and just started losing it…likely because of a Multiple sclerosis Tysabri-induced attack. It destroyed me in many ways. It has literally ruined my life! : (

Good biogen

i hope you lose all your patents on tysabri. The wonder drug until you start withdrawing from it and it downright destroyes your life. Man i wish i hadnt listened to my nuerologist and never started taking natilizumab. Its taken way more from me than what it allowed me to keep.

Nothing new

Happening on the MS front,

No news is certainly welcome news. Anything new I’d certainly my loyal audience know And the wife would likely report it on bookface.