for the last few days, I’ve been in windows hell.

I think I need to think.

That’s the problems with having an insatiable technolust.

Trudging on…


I’ve got windows installed on an internal 2.5″ drive. And Linux is on an external HDD. Now to get them both booting on the same computer. Wish me luck. So far it’s only cost me two days.


Well done MCDPH or whatever your acronym might be…none-the-less, I digress, by sticking a crisp $1 bill in the letter that arrived at my house, you certainly have gotten my attention. So I suppose today’s slow clap will go to you…hey wait, isn’t that my money too? WTFMCDPH? I’d prefer lower taxes over marketing campaigns, that’s for sure.

This is them, although the name one the letter doesn’t match the name one the site.


Purgatory again. This time trying to setup a virtualized server to handle it. You know, less computers = smaller electricity bill. Unless it was all rasperberry pis or something. The quest for perfection continues.

Geeking Hard

Trying my hand at proxmox virtualization. That’s running on a virtualized server. Inception much?

Dear YouTube advertisers

When we talk about socialism, we’re talking about DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM. Not the fascist kind. And we are not a socialist country, I certainly don’t see the harm in talking about it.

Who is going to win

according to Peter Zeihan:

Oh Yeah

Streaming groove salad classic through rythmbox on Ubuntu 24.04. Now to figure out how to capture it to a file locally.