You know J

If your employee wasn’t such a stickler or the rules, you’d still have me as a customer

Clipsed out

until 2045. I’ll have to hone my astrophotography skills before then. Plenty of time to practice.

It was f***ing awesome

Mind blowing as usual. not as much as the solar minimum eclipse of 2017. Nothing will ever top your first total eclipse. This one was neat AF too. We saw a solar eruption of sorts. I saw a red dot on the eclipse. Unfortunately the photos don’t show it, but I assure you, I witnessed it with my own eyes.

And now, what all that insufferable traffic was all about. The main show: the eclipsed sun as captured by my D3100 and my biggest lens, a 300MM telephoto.

Copyright Michael E Johnston

Even though it wasn’t our first totality (we were in Carbondale for the 2017 one), it was mindbogglingly neat and I hope all of my children carry it through their lifetimes. My wife and I remember a partial eclipse from our early school days, but those were early memories.

D’OH, the proof has gone missing : ( Seriously though, I saw it! No. Here is some additional info.


In a mere 6 months from my inception day, I’ll be statistically closer to 50 than 40. Total FML facepalm moment.

My server

Is running much cooler with the new HSF installed. Dropped almost 30 degrees C. The only problem will be creating a cover for my monstrosity.

Has the pandemic ended

I’m well past it, after my entire family contracted it (we all survived). I do know of people, good people, that were lost, and for which this planet is worse off. Too bad, and while I always wondered what a pandemic would look like when I was younger, I think this planed would have been better off not knowing.

The internet is failing me

What with the plethora of REACTION VIDS i am showed on the daily by my wife.

Or course that could make it the scorge that is facebook, Nothing but a breeding ground of REACTION VIDS.

FFS if I was truly interested in how people would react to my video, I’d simply show then on my phone and watch their reaction. YA KNOW, OLD SCHOOL! (OLD SKOOL?)

Fadge I’m becoming crankier the older I get.

Well then

My technolust is partially satiated. I ordered XPS HSF from Azon too hopefully cool down my server. The server is NOT an XPS system, i hope that it’ll fit in the case without any modification. I should find out on Monday when it arrives.

Plus I got 4g of Acrtic Silver to Hopefully round it all out and keep the the CPU temp well under the 50° it’s at now,