My core i3 machine with an Nvidia Geforce card finally working…in ubuntu. Yes after a year, a massive MS attack and whatever, I fially am watching you tube videos on it.


yeah both my laptop and gaming desktop are broken. Can’t get the laptop to boot or the desktop to even output display. At least the server is still up

*UPDATE: ok I was able to boot off the ssd on the laptop. Now to figure put wtf is up with the external drives. Then onto the desktop.


go fuck yourself!

oh why you ask?

because you stole my biometric data in the name of safety and security. And we all know what happens when that happens.

Awww shucks

guess I’m having the onset of a MS attack. Thanks disney.

Apparently you have more to give than just magic.

Last chance

for the disney computer to not pick me, otherwise come to disney world to see me flip the f*** out. And i will male a scene should you subject me to further scrutinization. You have been warned disney. Save me and my family the indecency, please. I will turn my pockets inside out to prove to you I am not a threat. But the dehumanization of people will not stand. Not in the name of safety OR security. As old tom said, those who choose safety over security will have neither. Which I do believe was actually a misquote but still stands well and true.

you know my doctor said it’d be good to have an outlet, but I’m not sure he could’ve envisioned this scenario.