I’m at these crossroads again Dr. K. Wants me to get back on a more specific medication, but given my past wit DMTs,, I hope you’ll understand my hesitation. So I’ve been looking a lot at keystroke, I think it’s called. A lot of positive reviews on it. But damn, after that rebound relapse, I’d hope that I’d put any medication under this much scrutiny. A LOT of soul searching is in order.

Yeah, that’s it: keysimpta. A trade name, I certainly can’t be having that…


I remember when I first started spec’ing out machines. Other than the options not being there (think turn of the millennia), I could piece together a tower for myself for $350, and that’s only because there was a salesman between the product and I. Now I’d be hard pressed to find a new gaming system for less than $500. Still decent but it seems to hurt more to pull that trigger.

Wireless woes

I’m having trouble ssh-ing into one of my boxen. trying a wireless bridge to my downstairs computers. Now includes my i3 gaming computer (don’t laugh – computing on a budget) Not working so well at this point. investigation time…

Mission Redirect

Like always my attention is getting diverted. This time to bringing up my old i3 system. It’s my gaming machine might as well have it up, no?

Oh balls

I never built a site map for MjNet. Time to do some googling.

I was way into coffee

Used to drink it with lots of cream and sugar.. Then one year I had a terrible cold that changed everything. I couldn’t touch coffee with cream or sugar in it. And thusly had to drink my coffee black from then on. Ya know I’ve never felt more racist until I ordered coffee like that.

So ps4

is kind of back up. ill have to contact PSN as 2FA is enabled and now I can’t get back in #SUPPORT!

it’s roughly every quarter

I’ll get stuck in the repeated absurdity of PSN hell. And it sucks big time. So much I may try to call support..

and that is saying something as that entails two of my biggest ‘fears’.

look sony

I KNOW you’ve been hacked…but there has to be a better way than the hoops I am jumping through now. You don’t know password pain until you’re having problem with you’re sony psn passwords. Sony is a bunch of gd sadists!