Help me. I am in hell.

Do NOT get MS. and dont hop on any drug bandwagns. I often wonder where id be if i just let it ride. probably bettter off than where im at now. It wasnt nown then, but the drug I was taking, Tysabri, has a REBOUND EFFECT. like life alterinng. life was good. Drugs were working. Little to no disease activity was going on. nothing seemed out of the blue. I was feeling good. it seemed to good to true. I was riiding my bke over 2,000 miles a year. I was losing weight. All was right with the world.

Until Valentines day of last year (2019). It all came crashing down. Hard. Spent nearly a month in the hospital. a few of them. NCH, rush, and Norhwestern (in the city). As it turns out, my immune system was wreaking havok on my Brain. Or destroying it. I have pictures.

The attack was horrible. It has left my mind in shambles. I’ve been trying to make Shelby proud. but I just dont seem to be able to come back from this horrible place in which I’ve ended up. HELP ME – I AM IN HELL.

More to come soon. I’ve got to check on this bloog more.

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  1. U know I’ll drag your ass out of hell or take the disease out of u like an exorcism. I know u have been going thru a hard time but remember, I’m always there for u-no matter what! I love u big brother!

  2. The whole year was hell. It’s a bit of a comfort knowing you’re starting to blog again.

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