Reality Check

I had to visit the vampires today. They’re checking to see if I have hepatitis. I sure as hell better not!

But I understand the reason for the hep check. For the new medication to which I am switching. And it’s always nice to be sure. Though I’m 99.9% sure I don’t have hepatitis.

Back to the subject. Went to get my blood checked. Took it, that was fantastic. Or as good as a blood draw can be. NCH Lake Zurich treatment center was the bomb, figuratively. In and out fairly quickly. Went after the morning rush, before the lunch rush. Like I said, “fantastic as can be.”

I had to, unfortunately, call the nuero’s office to let them know I had my labs done. OMFG. What a hassle it must be for these people to answer calls from patient’s of the doctors for who they work. Sass and attitude is all I got from the person who answered my call until I asked, “Wow, bad day, huh?”

If you can’t be a decent person on the phone, you don’t deserve to be answering that phone.

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