I Feel Washed Out

I really hope I get the call from Dr. K.’s office soon about the Ocrevus switch. Like really, really soon. I’ve felt the Tysabri withdraw for far too long. I’m sick of it and I’m passed it. And I want to get on Ocrevus ASAP. I am still not sure about ocrevus. It’s probably the same way I felt about Tysabri when I was switching to it, yet I fear the results weren’t as optimal. Of course, what I really hope is that it’ll be a steady disease stopping drug, unlike Tysabri where you’d feel really good after the infusion, but I’d be jonesin’ for it the last two weeks (8 week schedule). Did I feel that when it was every 4 weeks? No! But do I want PML? HELL NO! C’mon Ocrevus.

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