Somewhat Reassuring

I’ve been kind of regretting the decision to switch off Tysabri. I mean, yes, I did have a slightly noticeable Attack/Episode/Relapse* that was confirmed by a MR (it’s the main image on this site) that means the 8 week dosing of Tysabri was allowing too much immune cells through the blood brain barrier. And the great Dr. K has been trying to get me off Tysabri for a while. When the pills started coming out, Dr. K tried to get me to switch. I considered it, but I decided to stick with the highly effective Tysabri. And glad I am, as the pills (eg tecfidera) just doesn’t show the same efficacy as Tysabri.

So I’m obviously nervous about switching. I hope Ocrevus works as well or better than the Tysabri. And here is s an article that says, “Ocrevus outshines all other DMTs.”

Wow, that’s awesome! However, I have yet to confirm that Ocrevus is more effective than Tysabri. Sure, it may be safer*, but is it as effective. The great Dr. K. said it SEEMS to be as effective or nearly effective as Tysabri, but with less ups and downs. That’s good. I mean I do enjoy the Tysabri boost that comes a couple days after infusion, but it comes with an equal low on the 8 week dosing schedule. That also is a huge reason I decided to switch.

So yeah, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve made the decision to switch. Now it’s just a matter of making it to my Ocrevus infusion in a couple of weeks. Hopefully after 07 February.

*As no cases of PML have been found on Tysabri users that first washed out for three months before beginning Ocrevus. However there have been some PML cases in those that switched from Tysabri to Ocrevus immediately. I’m happy to make sure I don’t get PML, even if it does mean an extra month of the suck. As I always say, I sure as hell don’t want to become a PML case.

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