Goodbye 2018

Yeah, 2018 wasn’t great. It wasn’t horrible though. I didn’t decline rapidly or anything. No, it’s more like a slow gradual descent. Which is why I’m making the decision to switch to Ocrevus. I’ve stated before how wonderful Tysabri has worked for me. Up until I switched to the every-two-months dosing schedule and how the last two weeks are a horrible existence. After doing research and seeing how people are doing on Ocrevus, and my JCV titre, it’s a no brainer. The only real issue is the washout period. I believe it will end on the 10th of February. My next Tysabri infusion was supposed to be on the 10th of January, but I’ll be canceling that on the second of January. Right after I make the decision known to my neurologist, the great Dr. K.

So here is to a wonderful 2019! And hopefully a medicine that completely puts the brakes on this horrible disease.