With Dr. K today.

No joy. Still stuck in that is the Tysabri working for me on the extended schedule? Maybe. I’ve got to get him old scans to compare to the new scans, drop them off at his office so that he can compare them. And we’ll go from there.

Once he determines if it’s a new lesion that was pointed out, we’ll decide whether or not to continue the Tysabri at a shorter dosing intervals (e.g. every 6 as opposed to 8 weeks), or should I switch to Ocrevus.

As I’ve stated before I’m not too keen on switching off Tysabri, as it has worked so well for me. However, my PML status kinda puts a kink in that drug.

So If needed, I will switch off, but only if it can’t be avoided.

I’m pretty much stuck on tysabri as coming off it can induce what is known as a rebound relapse. Supposed to be pretty rough. I’d rather avoid it if I can.

So where am I now. More waiting and seeing.

An aside, when my wife was talking to me about the doctor’s report, she mentioned that the doctor reported my lesions were innumerable. Basically too many to count. My brain is swiss cheese, yo. Not good. Then she mentioned a patient who had a couple of lesions that is stuck in the fetal position. Wow, that sucks. big time. I guess the lesions are just missing their target or my brain has a lot of redundancy. Or something else, the brain is certainly mysterious.

Now I’m off to research ocrevus more. And I’ll try to complete the green card application. And crack my knee.