It Never Fails

I noticed a couple of days ago that my front spigot by my front door started leaking…bad! Of course there isn’t a shutoff valves anywhere in the house. The only way to stop water is to turn off the main supply.

the results of a leaky spigot
Yes, that is a mostly frozen over pond behind those retaining bricks.

Anyway back to the leaky spigot. After I turned off the main water supply and removed what ill call the core from the spigot. I headed to the hardware store and purchased a rebuild kit.

As it turns out, the rebuild kit didn’t include the washer which I needed, and my wife had already gone to work. Into the crawl space I went, leaving the oldest child in charge of the other two while I was working. The prognosis wasn’t good. There was no room to wrench!

I ended up having to remove it from outside. Which was a scary experience working on my own. I didn’t have anyone to make sure the pipe connecting to the spigot wasn’t getting tweaked.

After I managed to get the spigot disconnected, I had to pack up my three kids and go back to the hardware store, return the kit, and purchase a new spigot.

After we got home, I hurriedly put the kids in the house leaving the oldest in charge again. I reconnected the new spigot to the connection. But, I didn’t seal it yet as it is cold outside. I stuffed some plastic bags in the opening to keep out the cold air. It’ll work. And the problem is solved.

Next plumbing project is to get some shutoff valves installed.



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