MR Day

Today is the one time per year I have to get an MR(I). Yeah. At least there is no needle. Dr. ordered it without contrast. I’ve mentioned before I loathe needles.

Although in this case I might’ve actually needed contrast. With those issues I had a little while back I’m nervous I had new disease activity. But alas, I’m mostly managing my disease myself (with the guidance of a ms-specializing neurologist, of course) and it is going so well. I’m very nervous that I may have had new activity thought. I will know tonight – unofficially, at least. Best of luck…to myself.

My nerves are really on edge already. The prospect of further disease activity is wracking.  I count so heavily on the Tysabri stopping my MS. I certainly hope it is continuing to work so well and those issues on my right side were nothing but past disease activity resurfacing, although I’ve never had any issues with my right side….The pressure is what is going to get me before the MS even has a chance to take me out.