Infusion Complete

On Thursday, November 15th. And I am already feeling so much better. My most obvious MS pain, my spastic calf, is already rapidly abating. In fact that whole left side of my body, which tends to ‘tighten up’, is relaxing. How very nice! Even if the untightening process is anything but fun.

sweating the needle
Sweating the needle soon to arrive


I'm sure that flashlight has a hefty price tag!
finding veins with a sophisticated flashlight

Neat-o! Impending doom!

One stick only please!
Clearly the veinfinder works. ONE STICK!

Big thanks to the AIC nurse, Ivanna, for the single stick. With the skill of a guided missile she punctured my vein quickly. I ALWAYS appreciate a quick stick! THANK YOU!


It actually wasn't that bad.
And the reward: hospital lunch!

Food. Yummy food. Even hospital food is good when you’ve got a Tysabri drip going.

Around an inch
And it snowed!

Good thing the family truckster is 4WD (actually AWD)!