Another Change

Is coming to TK. I’ve been busy with (local) server admin this winter. Also, it seems that I have put the cart before the horse on this site.
I followed the if you build it they will come mantra, which was wrong. I should have built it locally and let the traffic flow to this site. But none-the-less, this site isn’t covering hosting , which makes it infeasible – financially.
Hey it’s my fist non-personal website tat is neat for public consumption. Forgive me for my excitement.  I should have left it on the local server and let the traffic hopefully build before I moved it offsite.  Hence the cart-before-the-horse analogy.
Right so what I’m going to do is move it back to a local server. and let traffic hopefuly build If the traffic reaches the self-sustainability level, I’ll move it back offsite. At least on a local server, I won’t have to put ads on it.
Remember, TK is most definitely a work-in-progress. Updates may be a bit sporadic through the rest of this month, but after the move  I plan on producing some better content for TK.