Bookface Battle

If you know me, and I assume most of the people reading this blog know me at this point, you know of my serious aversion to the friendship and  society destroying bookface.  I canceled my personal account years ago, mainly because of my stupidity, but also due to my introversion. Ultimately I decided to sign up for a bookface account to have another outlet and hopefully grow my viewership for this site.
Then it seems every time I tried to post to my blog I’d get a message about Facebook being  disconnected. I’d then log into BF and would be locked out for security reasons. WTF? It’d then ask me to post a selfie of myself, which I would do. Jumping through hoops…for what? I still stand that they did not have a picture of me to compare it against, so what is the useless point of that exercise? I will never know.  But ultimately that  method would get me back in for a short period. And all would be well, until this week.

frustrating, yes. Recoverable, yes…until now : (

I tried making my Monday post via my blog, and again got the message that BF was disconnected. Fart poop doody*, OK, I’ll go and post a picture of myself again, for whatever reason. Nope, not this time. My account was straight up deactivated.

Holy WTF? Why?

I have no idea why I was kicked out of the walled garden that is BF. I tried appealing the deactivation, but have yet to receive a response from BF.

But the least they could have done for me is tell me why they disabled my account. Frustrating is the feeling I got most often when I used BF. No rational behind their walled garden turns frustration into further loathing.
I suppose I’ll have to have my blog without Facebook integration. I lose. Nothing to see here. Move along.
And this concludes my first month of this new blog!
*Thanks Boss Baby for that statement.
Before I even published the post complaining of my FB deactivation, I’m back in, apparently. How this craziness works, I’ll never be sure. They never notified me except the banner when I tried to log in, and never notified me about the reactivation.  Again, walled garden if you get the reference. But for  now, I’ll celebrate my blog almost fully working as long as this post makes it to BF. Time to think about design changes for this site.