Yeah for TK

I am nearing the end of the first month of the new TK. Its going OK, I’ve been mostly concerned with the back-end stuff on this site so far. I’m not totally thrilled with the default site design, but with three kids I just don’t have time for a site redesign. Maybe the future will bring a redesign to my site?
The worst part of this site so far is the facebook integration, or lack there of. Every two days or so facebook wants me to upload a picture of myself to prove it is me. If they don’t have an original photo of me to compare against, what is the point? Causing me endless frustration? Aren’t most of the accounts on there fake anyway? If this post is late, it’s the fault of facebook.

It’s every couple of days I get locked out, and it’s really frustrating.

The best part – aside from the general sharing of my life and MS – is spreading the news that in 2018 there are treatments to slow down progression of MS and therefore hope. I’m not sure if it’s me, or the reaction of doom when I mention I suffer from MS, but it really seems to be that when you tell people you have MS there is a certain pity that takes over the conversation. People see you as doomed. And that is exactly what I’m trying to tell people. It isn’t like that anymore. Or at least I hope to expel that myth. People certainly are free to take the slowly withering away course if they choose, but not me. I am going to fight it with every last bit of strength I have in my body. I will go down swinging. My skull is thick like that .