Soul Not Sold

I haven’t sold my soul to the public, other than this site…that’s probably why there wasn’t an outpouring of support from the dumb and ignorant populace when I disclosed. Nobody cared. Life as usual.

But if you’ve sold your soul to the public and disclose that you have MS, you get an outpouring of emotional support from people that don’t even know you.

Take the most recent example: Selma Blair

No? You must be as out-of-popular-touch as me.

How about Montel Williams?Jaimie Lynn Sieglar? Jack Osborne?

So what do you have to do to be reached emotionally in this country? Sell your soul to the public?

Nope, not gonna happen. I’m doing just fine dealing with this on my own. I do not need the public’s support.

The public eye sucks, and all that watch are hypocrites anyway.  I don’t need their hollow sympathy.

Oral Trauma

Holy wow. And I thought a root canal was rough!

I’m not sure if I explained it before….a filling fell off my #14 molar a couple of weeks back. Went to the dentist to have Dr. J look. Nothing but bad news. Root canal AND gum lengthening.

I had, up until that point, had nothing more than a cavity filled. Which in retrospect is kids play when it comes to dental work. I’ve feared a root canal all my life, and finally had to face one. It was rough. But in comparison to the gum lengthening, it was nothing.

I thought I had luckily escaped the gum lengthening, which is a HUGE misgnomer, after Dr. Trinh (the endodontist) completed the root canal, he said that the gum lengthening didn’t appear necessary.

Cool, I thought. Save me from some oral trauma. That is until a week or so later when Dr. J’s (regular dentist) office called me saying I see you had gotten that root canal, but you didn’t get the gum lengthening. To which I replied Dr. Trinh didn’t think it was necessary. The receptionist said, “I’ll check with the Dr. and call you back.”

After a few hours the receptionist called back and stated, “The Dr. feels gum lengthening is a necessity. ”


No escape. So I made an appointment to return to the Mouth torturer in a few days. Dr. Trinh obliged by removing a portion of my jaw bone after cutting open my gums.

Wow. That sucked even more than a root canal. big time. Let me put it like this:

After the root canal Dr. Trinh suggested tylenol or ibuprofen for the pain. The pain lasted through the evening, but was pretty much OK after that.

After the gum lengthening Dr. Trinh wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, antibiotic mouthwash, and norco. And thank goodness. I don’t think I could’ve made it through the first two days without it. it is still kind of iffy, and I’m only taking a half a norco at this point. Which is important as he only prescribed 12. I miss the good ‘ol days when you can spend your recovery period in an opiate derived haze, but society can’t handle their sh*t so we all have to suffer.

Like I said, HOLY WOW. That sucked! Big time. But I no longer fear the root canal like I did before. Just gotta set the bar higher.