Certainly Borked

If you haven’t noticed, my posts aren’t showing up on social media sites.

Why? Well, it’s technical. Stay tuned if you’re interested.

XMLRPC.PHP, how I loathe you right now. If you’re familiar with press, you’ll know that this is a common attack vector. And I’ve been pwned way back when press first came out, so i turned it off when I moved servers.

The only problem, it broke my social site sharing via jetpack. I’ve spend days trying to debug this one, but I can not figure it out quite yet. Please don’t mind the social media break. I’m not a big fan anyway, but since that is the only way most of you will see my posts, I’ll have to get it fixed. Unless you’re an email subscriber.

AMPlified Woes

If you noticed I haven’t posted for a while, that is because the text boxes on my new post page were missing. Apparently it was due to the Accelerate Mobile Pages addition from El Goog. I was able to reproduce the problem on both my sites. I can’t blame El Goog for the problem, as it may be a misconfiguration on my server. None-the-less, I’ve turned off the addition and it seems as though I can add posts again. Yeah, another (major) problem off the list.

Now it is back to fixing the connections to social media. I’m sure that people assume I’m offline as my posts aren’t showing up on FB/Twit/G+.