Got the play set done yesterday. Put the last few touches on it.

My dad and I

Spent the last two days assembling a swing set for my children.
Wow – that was a lot of work. My upper body is soooore boy, let me tell you.
Two days into it and we’re almost done.

All I have to do is assemble the teeter tauter (sp?) and assemble the cafe awning. And drive the stakes into the ground so the kids can actually swing on the swings.
Unfortunately, today – the first day of spring break for my kids – it is supposed to snow and be generally crappy outside. So I suppose we won’t be able to use it today. That’s OK, they played on it yesterday while we were building it. Which wasn’t a frustration at all.

Well that went well

That server move went absolutely swimmingly.  I didn’t even have to reinstall the associated accounts for sharing. I love it when tech turns out to be a lot less work than you expected. This is how tech should be people!
I’ve got the backed of the site up almost identical to the paid service I was using. Oh, on that note, you’ll notice no ADs on this site anymore. WOOHOO! I personally hate ads, but I had to try an equalize the hosting cost. Which I didn’t do. Which is why my site is back to local. If it’s slower loading, sorry, but the shared hosting just didn’t seem that much faster anyway.
I know, $12/month isn’t that much…except when you have kids. So forgive me.
If traffic increases I’ll likely go back to external hosting with ADs. Even if it makes me feel dirty.

MS run down

Man, it’s been a rough week. I’m not sure if it’s the kids are amped up from being in the house all winter or all the stuff that has been going on, but I am so worn down this week. I am so low on energy at his point. Every day it seems.
Is it MS or is it the kids? The proverbial MS question that is always asked by me. It’s probably easier to blame MS, but I an’t be sure what is the true answer.- unless I were to have an attack. And I do not want that!
Good thing we’ve gotten a new bed. It is helping a little bit, but we’re in the period of adjustment with the new mattress soo that’s a bit of a kink in the equation. My back has been hurty, while it realigns to the new mattress #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS!
Most of all I need to sleep for like 48 hours so that I can recharge my batteries*. I cold also use to ditch my kids for that period of time as they are a majority of the reason I have lack of sleep.

Not only in my brain

Yeah the fun of autoimmune problems. I’ve got a bright red patchy spot on my skin that itches  like…well, I have no good analogy, but it is really, really itchy. I scratch, which feels better temporarily, but it only inures the area I am scratching and it’ll be itchy again as soon as I stop. I have been putting moisturizing lotion on it, which isn’t really helping. I ran f of the hydro-cortisone valerate (HV). That stuff really helps, takes away the itchy and burning feeling, but it requires a doctors authorization get refilled, and I don’t want to have a dermatologist visit to get some HV. It drives me insane.
Aren’t we at the point where medications applied to your skin should be available OTC? Why does society deem that I need to visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for my skin? I know what I need. I know what is the cure to this problem. Just let me have it without any further hoops through which to jump. I don’t want the indignity of having someone probe my skin, but I want the relief from my immune system.  This happens every year around this time too.

Another Change

Is coming to TK. I’ve been busy with (local) server admin this winter. Also, it seems that I have put the cart before the horse on this site.
I followed the if you build it they will come mantra, which was wrong. I should have built it locally and let the traffic flow to this site. But none-the-less, this site isn’t covering hosting , which makes it infeasible – financially.
Hey it’s my fist non-personal website tat is neat for public consumption. Forgive me for my excitement.  I should have left it on the local server and let the traffic hopefully build before I moved it offsite.  Hence the cart-before-the-horse analogy.
Right so what I’m going to do is move it back to a local server. and let traffic hopefuly build If the traffic reaches the self-sustainability level, I’ll move it back offsite. At least on a local server, I won’t have to put ads on it.
Remember, TK is most definitely a work-in-progress. Updates may be a bit sporadic through the rest of this month, but after the move  I plan on producing some better content for TK.

You down with OPCs?

You know oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. Yeah, I didn’t know that either. They are the CNS cells that will repair myelin. They also are able to transform into neurons and astrocytes. Effectively, the linked article says they are  supposedly the ‘cure’ to MS and it lies within our own bodies. As long as we can influence them properly. OPCs are pretty capable according to this Wikipedia article.
Again, it is a matter of getting them to do what we want. Studies in those poor mice* are showing promising results. That’s a good thing. But at this stage, it’s looking very early in the research. So It’s probably ten fifteen years off – if it works safely – before this treatment gets used in the public. That’s what my experience tells me anyway when it comes to new treatments for MS or most other diseases. I know about fast tracking but after jumping on board with Tysabri so quickly and basically being stuck on it with no exit strategy, I’m definitely taking the more cautious approach with drugs from here on out. And I’m not knocking Tysabri, it’s great and I’ve not experienced an attack (knowingly) in almost the last decade. I’d say that’s a pretty glorious drug. And I needed to get on something very effective on the quick at the time, as the Avonex wasn’t stopping progression as much as my doctor wanted.
*I’ll probably come back as a lab rat in my next life, if you’re into the whole reincarnation thing.

The thing with MS

Really one of the biggest problems I have with MS is wondering if the small problems I have are MS related or not. I’m not talking about the obvious stuff like the spastic calf or numbness on the left side of my body. All of that can be attributed to past MS activity. About what I am talking is the little stuff. The time when I spend too much time negotiating cramped areas in the house during home improvement season (indoor) and My other leg and upper back start hurting. Is it MS? I had to wait the weekend to see if the pain started to go away – which it did, thank goodness. But right there lies the problem with MS. One of the toughest problems is knowing g when something is MS related.
And I really wish there was something I could do about this cognitive fog. I may be wrong in calling it as such, but that’s the most apt name I have heard so far.. I had this post typed up this weekend but forgot to schedule it and completely dropped the ball on posting it. So I’ll fudge the post date and pretend that all is well. But I thought I posted it, doesn’t that count? The joy of MS.


I’ve missed a week worth of deadlines now. Busy. What can I say?
The MS has been unusually rough this go. Usually after my Tysabri, things come around. But not so this time. A lot of issues that go away after a Tysabri infusion just haven’t left this time.
The spastic calf is one of my biggest complaints. Other issues are popping up too. As always it goes down to is it MS or am I just getting older. I’ll give it the weekend and see what happens.
So yeah, a lot on my plate. I updated the framework of my personal blog, which required a different theme. Totally different look. Not sure if I’m happy with it. All in the back-end of things. I prefer to have the OS’s native flavor package installed anyway. Which actually puts me back a couple of versions of the framework. I am also trying to get that working on a beta server now. #DIGRESSING
On top of it all we’re moving into the home improvement part of the end-of-winter around here. Lots of preparation for a tremendous amount small jobs. That’s the thing. The only time I’ve let someone in my house to work on it was when we first had sewer problems. The guy who failed at fixing the sewer problem the time before. And the HVAC guy once right after we moved in. Wouldn’t you know it there was enough construction dust in this house to keep clogging up the furnace filter ever two weeks when we first moved in a few years back. Awesome dude put it under the warranty
And yes, I will attempt to resume an attempt at normal posting.