Sorry Everybody

But the blog spammers have found my new blog and are creating new accounts on my site. I’ve had to disable the ability to register new accounts and delete all the users (except myself, of course).

For linkspam the unscroupulous go after my blog detailing my experience with MS. STAY CLASSY BLOG SPAMMERS. Lamers need a bot to do their work!

This in conjunction with the bookface integration not working and I fear my site will not get any traffic. Then again, when it was integrated with bookface, I don’t think anyone bothered coming here anyway. Still planning on fixing that…when I can.

And I’m awaiting my next Tysabri dose in two weeks! This is the period when I start feeling a sort of withdraw. And it’ll get worse until I am reupped on my Ty. Guess that’s the price you pay when your PML titre level is right in the danger zone.

Certainly Borked

If you haven’t noticed, my posts aren’t showing up on social media sites.

Why? Well, it’s technical. Stay tuned if you’re interested.

XMLRPC.PHP, how I loathe you right now. If you’re familiar with press, you’ll know that this is a common attack vector. And I’ve been pwned way back when press first came out, so i turned it off when I moved servers.

The only problem, it broke my social site sharing via jetpack. I’ve spend days trying to debug this one, but I can not figure it out quite yet. Please don’t mind the social media break. I’m not a big fan anyway, but since that is the only way most of you will see my posts, I’ll have to get it fixed. Unless you’re an email subscriber.

AMPlified Woes

If you noticed I haven’t posted for a while, that is because the text boxes on my new post page were missing. Apparently it was due to the Accelerate Mobile Pages addition from El Goog. I was able to reproduce the problem on both my sites. I can’t blame El Goog for the problem, as it may be a misconfiguration on my server. None-the-less, I’ve turned off the addition and it seems as though I can add posts again. Yeah, another (major) problem off the list.

Now it is back to fixing the connections to social media. I’m sure that people assume I’m offline as my posts aren’t showing up on FB/Twit/G+.

Oh man

I broke my site’s permalinks and have no time to troubleshoot. Please hold while the post links don’t work.
UPDATE: Wow, do NOT change permalinks without first planning. Bad things will happen otherwise.

Well that went well

That server move went absolutely swimmingly.  I didn’t even have to reinstall the associated accounts for sharing. I love it when tech turns out to be a lot less work than you expected. This is how tech should be people!
I’ve got the backed of the site up almost identical to the paid service I was using. Oh, on that note, you’ll notice no ADs on this site anymore. WOOHOO! I personally hate ads, but I had to try an equalize the hosting cost. Which I didn’t do. Which is why my site is back to local. If it’s slower loading, sorry, but the shared hosting just didn’t seem that much faster anyway.
I know, $12/month isn’t that much…except when you have kids. So forgive me.
If traffic increases I’ll likely go back to external hosting with ADs. Even if it makes me feel dirty.

Another Change

Is coming to TK. I’ve been busy with (local) server admin this winter. Also, it seems that I have put the cart before the horse on this site.
I followed the if you build it they will come mantra, which was wrong. I should have built it locally and let the traffic flow to this site. But none-the-less, this site isn’t covering hosting , which makes it infeasible – financially.
Hey it’s my fist non-personal website tat is neat for public consumption. Forgive me for my excitement.  I should have left it on the local server and let the traffic hopefully build before I moved it offsite.  Hence the cart-before-the-horse analogy.
Right so what I’m going to do is move it back to a local server. and let traffic hopefuly build If the traffic reaches the self-sustainability level, I’ll move it back offsite. At least on a local server, I won’t have to put ads on it.
Remember, TK is most definitely a work-in-progress. Updates may be a bit sporadic through the rest of this month, but after the move  I plan on producing some better content for TK.