Just Diagnosed?

If you’ve just been diagnosed by a neurologist, sit down and take a deep breath. There is so much information about Multiple Sclerosis out there, and a lot of it focuses on the negative impact. Not that there is a lot of positive impact. What I am getting at is that if you are freaked out about your recent diagnoses and go looking for information online, you’ll probably only get horror stories about people’s MS. It’s how the web works, and a large part of why I put up this blog. There is hope in Multiple Sclerosis at this point. It isn’t the early 1990’s ya know!

How is there hope? If you’re reading this you likely already have the first step down, a neurologist.  And there is now a plethora…ok too far…now a handful of  drugs that can stop or at least slow down MS progression. You see, before the advent of Avonex, there were no medications you could take to help. It was a wait-and-see approach to MS. You’d be ‘fine’ until you had an attack then your treating physician would put you on a steroid or chemotherapy drugs. Luckily, my fellow MS sufferers, these are no longer the dark ages.  Get on a drug to stop/slow progression now.  What you lose now will likely be lost forever.

The last part of the MS triad is to keep up hope. I certainly know it is not easy to maintain a sunny disposition when you’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic debilitating autoimmune disease that attacks your central nervous system, but you have to try your best to not get depressed about your MS or allow it to give you a negative outlook. Do not give into the dark side. I know it’s easier said than done. I spent the first year or two after my diagnosis in a depressed state, and I wish I hadn’t. I know this statement isn’t scientific, but it’s my belief: Your well being is at least partly depended on your outlook.


Neurologist’s Care + Disease Modifying Therapy + Hope is the best combination I’ve found thus far for fighting the effects of MS. Stay strong my fellow sufferers, and fight that MS!